Introducing the new Custom90 indoor custom car cover

The ultimate solution to protect your car from indoor elements. Our car cover is made of 200gsm velvet stretch material that perfectly contours to your car, providing a snug fit and maximum coverage.

Purfit Custom90 Indoor Features!

  • Purfit’s Custom90 indoor stretch fabric
  • Velvet knit with spandex added
  • Unique 4way stretch for a great fit
  • Follows the contours of your vehicle with mirror pockets
  • Velvet fleece on the inside
  • Available in 7 colours 
  • 2year Warranty
  • 200gsm thickness 
  • Super soft fabric to spoil your cars paintwork and chrome
  • Extremely breathable fabric to stop heat & moisture getting trapped under the cover
  • Ding, Dent, scratches & theft protection from small accidents • Machine Washable
  • Keeps your car cleaner for longer
  • Saves you money in washing and cleaning
  • Comes with FREE Manufacturers Logo

Car Covers


Pick Ups / SUVs


The Custom90 Covers Look And Feel Is Incredible

Custom90 indoor covers are a great custom cover with mirror pockets at a fantastic price. They are designed to hug and hold the contours of your vehicle. The look and feel is very nice while protecting your car at the same time. A fantastic cover that breathes and stops dings inside your garage for years to come.

The Fabric Is Extremely Soft and it Breathes

Custom90 indoor fabric is manufactured to breathe, not scratch and protect your vehicle indoors from all the elements like dirt, dust and dings. It’s got a super soft velvet fleece inside with a 4way stretch. The loop is sheared off to create a beautiful softest touch to pamper your cars paintwork whether it’s been washed, polished, ceramic coated or detailed. The fabric is made of 200gsm Velvet Stretch Fleece for strength, durability & breathability to fit your vehicle superb.

A Great Cover for the Price

Every cover is measured by the length, width and height plus we include the mirror pockets. 7 Colours to choose from and a FREE Manufacturers logo and storage bag. 

Think of the time, energy and money you’ll save on washing your car every weekend when you can just remove the cover and drive. Plus when you break it down over the next 5-10 years its just a small amount to pay per year to protect your investment and give you a better resale value.

What Makes Us Different?

purfit Signature


Unique 4way Stretch for the ultimate fit



Follows the exact contours of your vehicle



Fleece on the inside

100% Cotton 


fabric thickness



Light Waterproofing












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