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The Best Ferrari Car Covers

Purfit car covers are custom made to the exact contours of the car to fit perfectly including mirrors and aerial pockets (if specified). We have an extensive library of patterns for indoor and outdoor protection. Our premium indoor and outdoor covers will keep your car protected against all elements while still breathing and both come with a soft liner for maximum paint protection.

Purfit Indoor Covers - Black / Red / Dark Blue

It’s got the ultimate super soft 100% cotton fleece inside, overlocked seamless, slimline design, and Purfit’s famous 4way spandex stretch outside with waterproofing for the odd drop. The quality & fit is unmatched using wider fabric to reduce seams. The Absolute Ultimate Fit which follows the contours of the vehicle exactly. Machine Washable, 4 Year Warranty,

  • Ultimate fit following the exact contours of your vehicle
  • 4 Way Spandex stretch
  • Keep your car cleaner for longer
  • Dust & Pollutants protection
  • Ding Protection
  • Super soft 100% cotton fleece liner
  • Colours Black, Red or Dark Blue
  • Comes with FREE Manufacturers Logo

Purfit OutdoorX Covers - Grey

OutdoorX has been specially designed and created for maximum outdoor and extreme all-weather protection. It’s unlike anything else on the market!! A robust 3-layer construction made from waterproof breathable materials eliminating condensation under the cover. To further protect your vehicle we’ve added a softshell knit inside to further protect your paint. This cover gives you everything you need…it’s durable, waterproof, breathable & soft, plus comes with a 4 Year warranty. Made to Last

  • 3 Layer Polyester Construction for maximum protection incl water, UV rays, dirt, dust, bird droppings, dings, dents and theft.
  • Inner layer scratch free super soft knit for paintwork
  • Great Breathability to stop condensation & sweating
  • UV UPF50+ 1798 Highest Level of UV to keep your car cool
  • 4way Tie Down Buckle System to hold cover in place
  • Manufactured with Purfit’s unique overlapped & reversed twin stitching, with waterproof / UV thread
  • OutdoorX does not come with a logo
  • Colours Grey
  • 4 Year Warranty