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Purfit Covers: Official Licensed Car Covers for Holden Special Vehicles (HSV)

Purfit Covers, as the Official Licensed Supplier and OEM supplier to Walkinshaw, is proud to offer a unique range of custom car covers specifically for Holden Special Vehicles (HSV). Celebrating HSV's storied history in Australian motoring, our covers are designed to protect and honor these high-performance vehicles, now becoming sought-after classics.

Founded through a partnership between Holden and Walkinshaw in 1987, HSV has been synonymous with high-performance, luxury, and bespoke craftsmanship. As these exceptional vehicles cease production, they grow in rarity and value, making our HSV car covers an essential investment for collectors and enthusiasts.

Our range includes both indoor and outdoor car covers, each tailored to the specific needs of HSV models. The indoor covers are made from super soft materials, providing gentle yet effective protection, ideal for safeguarding your valuable HSV against dust and indoor pollutants. This ensures the vehicle’s luxurious finish and detailed craftsmanship are meticulously preserved.

For outdoor protection, our durable, weather-resistant car covers are perfect for defending your HSV from the harsh Australian climate. These high-quality car covers shield against environmental elements like sun, rain, and dust, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition. The breathable fabric is crucial for preventing moisture buildup and corrosion, providing long-term protection for these increasingly rare classics.

Choosing a Purfit car cover for your HSV means selecting a product that respects the legacy and exclusivity of Holden Special Vehicles. Our covers, adorned with official registered logos, are not just about covering a car; they’re about preserving a piece of Australian automotive history. They represent the perfect blend of luxury car protection, style, and commitment to maintaining the value and condition of your HSV as it transitions into a classic.


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