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Introducing our exclusive new OutdoorX an innovative & technology advanced outdoor fabric for all extreme outdoor conditions.

Purfit Outdoorx Fabric Features!

  • Heavy duty polyester construction for maximum outdoor protection.
  • Outer layer of woven Polyester for toughness & strength
  • Middle layer waterproof breathable membrane +10,000ltrs
  • Inner layer scratch free super soft knit liner for paintwork
  • Great Breathability to stop condensation
  • UV Blocking 99% UVA and 99% UVB rays
  • 6way Tie Down System to hold cover in place
  • Custom Fit to the exact specifications of your vehicle
  • Grommets halfway down to lock on if needed
  • High Grade Elastic in the front and back of the cover to help hold the cover in place
  • Manufactured with Purfit’s unique overlapped & reversed twin stitching
  • Stitching overlapped from roof down for maximum water repellency
  • Top quality waterproof, soft & UV treated thread
  • 4year Warranty
  • Matching storage bag


All the OutdoorX covers are manufactured to the highest ISO9001 standards. We use a roof down twin needle stitch with overlapped seams so the water can disperse as quick as possible. And all the thread is treated with waterproofing, UV and is exceptionally soft on the paint. Underneath we use high strength elastics on the front and rear to hold the cover in place, and on top of that we have a 6-way buckle system underneath. 2 straps going side to side at the front and back wheels and even another optional strap going from the top to the bottom so you can tie down the car extremely well for big storm or winding areas. There are also grommets half way down on each side in case you want to lock in on or use another middle tie down.


All OutdoorX covers are custom made to each vehicle fitting it perfectly which also stops the cover from moving and flying around or even off... This cover gives you everything you need, its durable, waterproof, breathable, soft, secure and will outlast anything else, plus it comes with a 5year warranty!

The middle of the fabric has a very high end waterproof breathable membrane that’s usually seen on expensive snow jackets like North Face, Columbia, Gortex and has tiny little holes in it which let the fabric breathe and stop condensation under the cover but small enough to stop the water. On the inside there is a super softshell knit to further protect your paint without scratching your pride and joy.

What Makes Us Different?

ww Purfit Cover Others
Heavy Duty Polyester Construction For Maximum Outdoor Protection X
Inner Layer Scratch Free Super Soft Knit Liner For Paintwork X
Great Breathability To Stop Condensation X
UV Blocking 99% UVA And 99% UVB Rays X
6way Tie Down System To Hold Cover In Place X
Top Quality Waterproof, Soft & UV Treated Thread X
4year Warranty X

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the OutdoorX cover waterproof?

Yes, the OutdoorX has a waterproof membrane in the middle of the cover with tiny holes in it smaller than droplets of water, so it breathes but stays waterproof. Plus, the thread is waterproof as well. * Please note though if water is pooling somewhere for a long period of time it could pass through. The Waterproofness in lab testing was 10,000+ltrs which is very high

Does it Breathe?

Yes the OutdoorX does breathe and has a breathable, waterproof membrane in the middle of the fabric with tiny holes to let the cover breathe but still stop the water.

Will it scratch?

No it has a super softshell knit on the inside which will not scratch your car. Plus the thread we use is a very expensive nylon which is must softer than cheaper polyesters and normal threads.

How strong is it in the sun?

The OutdoorX is extremely strong in the sun and we use a heady duty polyester, plus we have a very expensive UV treated on the fabric. After lab testing the cover was UPF50+ the highest rating and also blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays

Does it stay on in winding conditions?

Yes, firstly the covers are custom made so they will stay on better than a normal car cover. Plus there is a 6 way buckle system underneath the cover with 2 straps going across near the front and back wheels, also another optional strap in the box going from top to bottom of the car length ways to really hold it down. On top of that you can also use the grommets half way down each side for another anchor point if needed. The OutdoorX fabric is strong and quite heavy so the fabric normally wont be flying around and the elastics front and back are also very strong.

What does the warranty cover?

OutdoorX has a 4yr warranty which covers the fabric, the stitching and all the manufacturing parts of the cover including the elastic. There is no warranty on wear and tear though and the custom logos only come with a 12month warranty. If the cover is faulty in anyway, we will inspect it and we have the right to either fix it if its minor or replace it if its major which is under our discretion.

OutdoorX - The World's Toughest Custom Cover with a Softshell Knit Liner - 5yr Warranty